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Waiting List

Puppy picks will be the week of July 13th. During this week we will contact each family in order of deposit. Puppy picks will be done for both Maddie and Levie's litters at the same time to be fair to everyone, since many families are on both lists. Once we do puppy picks, families will pick a take home time that works for them with Ashton. Take home date will be the week of August 11th. 

1. Ebach Family - Puppy #4 Rhodes (now Miller)

2. Mason Family - Puppy #7 Giza (now Charli)  

3. Durand Family - Puppy #3 Mauso (now Hershey)

4. P Family - Puppy #2 Babylon (now Tauser)

5. ​Jagirdar Family - Puppy #1 Alexandria (now Cuddles)

6. Chikoski Family - Puppy #5 Olympia (now Ruby)

​7. Dooling Family - Puppy #6 Artemis (now Emmy)

Levie and Milo`s Litter

Levie and Milo are expecting their litter June 14th, 2020. We are expecting their puppies to be between 25 to 50lbs full grown. They are Chocolate Parti, Black Parti, Apricot Parti, Phantom Parti and Sable Parti. Levie is a very laidback, easy going dog, that loves to cuddle. Milo is a sweet, fun dog that also loves to cuddle. 

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Puppy #1 - Alexandria - Apricot Parti Female - $2300+HST

Puppy #2 - Babylon - Chocolate Phantom Parti Male - $2650+HST

Puppy #3 - Mauso - Chocolate Phantom Parti Male - $2650+HST

Puppy #4 - Rhodes - Chocolate Phantom Parti Male - $2650+HST

Puppy #5 - Olympia - Black Parti Female - $2300+HST

Puppy #6 - Artemis - Apricot Parti Female - $2300+HST

​Puppy #7 - Giza - Chocolate Parti Female - $2500+HST

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Previous Puppies from Levie

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