6 Weeks Old

Levie and Cumin`s Litter

Levie and Cumin had their puppies February 8th, 2019. We are expecting their puppies to be between 25 to 45lbs full grown. They are Chocolate Parti, Black Parti, Chocolate Merle Parti and Blue Merle Parti, with some also having Phantom markings. Levie is a very laidback, easy going dog, that loves to cuddle. Cumin is a fun, happy dog that loves to play and cuddle. 

​​​Puppy #1 - Jasmine - Chocolate Merle Parti Female - $2800 +HST

Puppy #2 - Lotus - Black Parti Female - $2300 +HST

Puppy #3 - Clem - Chocolate Merle Parti Male - $2800 +HST

Puppy #4 - Quill - Blue Merle Parti Male - $2800 +HST

Puppy #5 - Cypress - Chocolate Merle Parti Male - $2800 +HST

Puppy #6 - Dahlia - Chocolate Merle Parti Female - $2800 +HST

Puppy #7 - Indigo - Blue Merle Parti Male - $2800 +HST

Puppy #8 - Begonia - Chocolate Merle Parti Female - $2800 +HST

Puppy #9 - Lilac - Black Parti Female - $2300 +HST

Puppy #10 - Ren - Black Parti Male - $2300 +HST

Some of these puppies could be Phantoms as well and prices are subject to change if that happens.

Important Dates for Families:

Puppy Visits will take place on Mar 16th. If you are getting a puppy from this litter and are unable to make that date, you can make other arrangements with us, but if at all possible please try to keep this day open. 

8 Week take home will be April 6th. We reserve the right to hold a puppy back a bit longer if we feel it is needed, but the tentative take home date will be April 6th. We always want our puppy families to have at least two full days with their puppy of undivided attention, so if this works better on another day we can make arrangements for that. 

2 Weeks Old

Waiting List

Puppy picks will be at 4 weeks old or later depending on allergies of families on the waiting list. We will move down the list if there isn't the sex/colour/size combination that a family is looking for.  This list will be filled from the master list on the nursery page once the litter is born.

1. ​Cruz Family - Puppy #4 - Quill (now Hugo)

2. Fasulo Family - Puppy #1 - Jasmine (now Macie)

3. Gieras Family - Puppy #5 - Cypress (now Bouy)

4. Maddie Family - Puppy #6 - Dahlia

5. P Family - Puppy #7 - Indigo 

6. Borrelli Family - Puppy #3 - Clem 

7. Open 

8. Open

9. Open

10. Open 

1 Week Old


4 Weeks Old



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