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4 Weeks Old  


Zuri and Indie's Litter

Zuri and Indie had their puppies Sept 30th, 2021. We are expecting their puppies to be between 35 to 60lbs full grown. We have a variety of Black, Phantom, Parti and Merles and combinations of all of these, as well as a Chocolate Merle. Zuri is a really laidback, sweet girl. Indie is a fun dog that loves to play. 

3 Weeks Old  

6 Weeks Old  


Puppy #1 - Gamora - Black Phantom Abstract Female - $3500 +HST

​Puppy #2 - Quill - Black Phantom Male - $3300 +HST

Puppy #3 - Drax - Black Phantom Male - $3300+HST

​Puppy #4 - Groot - Chocolate Phantom Parti Male - $3500+HST

​Puppy #5 - Rocket - Black Phantom Abstract Male - $3500+HST​​​​

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Previous Zuri Puppies

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Waiting List

Because River and Zuri's litters are so similar and families are generally good with either of their litters that are on their list, we have decided to do puppy picks at the same time for both litters, as we feel this is the most fair way to do it. Puppy picks will start October 28th. Take home date will be any time after November 25th, with most puppies probably leaving Saturday November 27th. 

1. Breeders Pick - Puppy #1 Gamora (depending on testing)*

2. Kangas Family - Puppy #5 Rocket 
3. Guilmette Family - Puppy #3 Drax (now Barley) 

4. Armitage Family -  Puppy #2 Quill (now Ranger) 

​5. McAslan Family - Male or Female - Cream/Apricot (Also on Goldendoodle List)