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Early Neurological Stimulation

We practice the techniques of early neurological stimulation (ENS). ENS has been used by the U.S. Military with great success. Our goal in using these techniques is to increase trainability, health, socialization and potential. This is just one more way we are trying to provide you with an exceptional family pet or service dog. If you want to read all about ENS and how we do it, here is a link to what we do:  www.breedingbetterdogs.com/pdfFiles/articles/early_neurological_stimulation_en.pdf

Above and beyond ENS, we also introduce the puppies to as many different surfaces as we can, such as vinyl, hardwood, carpet (area rugs), linoleum, grass, gravel, sand, cement and more. We all weather permitting will bring them outside and get them used to going up and down stair on our deck. They will be exposed to many different kinds of toys (including many kids toys, not necessarily on purpose, lol). They are used to playing in tunnels, exercise mats with toys hanging from them and are used to individual snuggle time. We usually will each pick a different puppy to cuddle up with on the couch if we are watching a movie or something in the evening. They are used to being in our entryway, kitchen, living room and the bedrooms. Our puppies are a part of our daily activities and are used to lots of different noises and activity throughout our house. 

They will also be exposed and ride in our vehicle a few times before they go to your home. This gets them used to the vehicle, so that there is less chance of having anxiety about riding in a vehicle, which is the top reason for dogs getting sick in the vehicle. It is good for you to continue this when the puppy gets to your home for best results. 

You can view a video of ENS here: