Welcome to Kent Family Farms

Shipping in Canada:

Airlines in Sault Ste. Marie area will not allow a puppy on the airline without a person with them until they are 12 weeks old. You are welcome to pick your puppy up in person or we can arrange ground shipping to certain areas. If you live in certain parts of Southern Ontario we can arrange for us to drive the puppy to you, as we often have a few puppies from a litter going south. Travelling to GTA or surrounding area will cost $300. For other areas give us a call or email and we can discuss if shipping is possible to your area. 

Shipping to the US:

We have a flight nanny that will fly our puppies anywhere in the continental US. The cost for the flight nanny, bridge tolls and travelling to the airport will come to between $600 and $800 USD depending on how small of an airport that your puppy will need to fly into to get to you. 

Just a note that we no longer need CDC paperwork for shipping into the US, as the CDC has changed their rules as of January 2019. 

We happily welcome and encourage families to come right to us and pick up their puppies though. We will also meet you at the airport.