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Dew Claws

​We also do not remove dew claws on our puppies. Dew claws are also removed often for looks and to make grooming easier. Many say they remove them so they they don't get caught on anything. But, the incidence of them getting caught is so low that it is often not heard of with many vets. Dew Claws though are a functional part of a dogs anatomy and they do use them. Dew claws are attached to tendons that are severed when the dew claws are removed and can cause long term damage to out dogs. 

​Here is a more thorough explanation: 


We will not make any exceptions to this. We will not remove tails or dew claws on any of our puppies. Besides the above information, both these procedures need to be done in the first few days of their life. Which most breeders will bring their puppies to their vets office to do these procedures. This exposes their puppies to anything that could be in the vets office at the time as well. This is also just not worth the risk to me. If you want these procedures done, you will need to find another breeder. 

Docked Tails

We at Kent Family Farms do not dock tails on our puppies. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones for us are that it is done purely for cosmetic reasons. Studies have showed that the incidence of tail injuries is below 0.5% of the population, which seems to be the only reasoning most breeders can give for it other than looks. There are also several studies that show that there is in fact pain associated with this procedure for life and it affects the way that dogs communicate and balance.

Here is a more thorough expanation: