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Petite Goldendoodle Puppies Available

Midge and Ziggie have a puppy available from their litter. 

He has his 16 week vaccines and is fully vaccinated for a year.

Female​$2500+HST25 to 35lbs
Female​$2500+HST25 to 35lbs

Puppy Application

Please fill out this application to be added to our waiting list.

Once I send you a response to your application a $500 deposit via cash, cheque or e-transfer will be required to keep your spot on our waiting list. 

Future Possible Breeding Plans

(We probably will not breed all these litters, it will depend on our waiting list, but these are potential breedings)

Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall 2024:

Miley and Indie/Nico - Petite Goldendoodles/Mini Golden Mountain Doodles 15 to 30lbs/20 to 40lbs

(Black, Chocolate, Apricot, Phantom, Parti and Merle) Winter

Ivy and Nico - Mini Bernedoodles 25 to 45lbs (Black Phantom, Chocolate Phantom and Parti) Winter

Willow and Mr. Bingly - Mini/Medium Goldendoodles 30 to 50lbs ​(Red and Red Parti) Spring or Fall

Maevis and Mr. Bingly - Medium Goldendoodles 30 to 50lbs (Red) Spring

Beatrix and Ziggie/Murphy - Mini/Standard F1 Bernedoodles 30 to 50lbs (Black Phantom and Blue Merle Phantom) Spring/Summer

Lily and Mr. Bingly/Bing - Petite Goldendoodles 15 to 30lbs (Black, Chocolate, Red, Phantom and Parti) Summer or later

BREED:  Multigen Mini Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2500 to $3000 +HST
BORN: October 19th, 2023
WEIGHT: 20 to 35lbs
COLOUR: Apricot, Red, Black, Chocolate, Phantom or Parti.

COAT TYPE: Wavy or Straight

Female​$2500+HST25 to 35lbs
Female​$2500+HST30 to 40lbs​​
25 to 35lbs
Male​$2000+HST25 to 35lbs
Female​$2500+HST25 to 35lbs
Tessa and Mr. Bingly Litter 

Tessa is a bold saddle tan phantom goldendoodle that is about 32lbs. She had her puppies October 19th with Mr. Bingly who is 31lbs. Both of these two have the most laidback, sweet personalities. 

Expected Colours:

37.5% Apricot/Red

12.5% Apricot/Red Parti

14.06% Black and Black Phantom

4.69% Black Parti, Black Phantom Parti, Chocolate and Chocolate Phantom

1.56% Chocolate Parti and Chocolate Phantom Parti

Goldendoodle Waiting List​

This list has all families that are on our waiting list on it. If they are interested in only Petite litters, they will have a (Petite) next to their name. If they are interested in Mini/Mediums or both Mini/Mediums and Petite, they will have nothing next to their name. Our Medium puppies range from 35 to 55lbs, our Miniature puppies range from 20 to 45lbs and our Petite puppies range from 15 to 30lbs because there will be some overlap of sizes within one litter. litters are classified based on median size expected in the litter. Official sizes are Petite, under 25lbs. Mini, between 25 and 45lbs. Medium, between 46 and 55lbs. 

1. ​​​​Skye Family - Female - Cream, Apricot, Phantom, Parti or Merle (Petite) - 2024

​2. ​​Sandeman/Guay Family - Male or Female - Any Colour (Mini or Petite) - 2024+ or later*

3. Naz Family - Male - Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle (Also on Bernedoodle List) - Petite only 

4. ​DB Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Red or Blue Merle - Waiting for 2024 or later

5. ​K Family - Male - Black, Chocolate or Parti ~ (Waiting for 2024)

​6. Ardiel/Ridgewell Family - Female - Apricot Parti (Petite) - 2024*

7. ​​​Finnigan Family - Female - Black, Chocolate, Phantom, Parti or Merle (Also on Bernedoodle List) 2024 or later

​8. ​Delfin Family - Female - Apricot - 2024 at earliest

​9. ​Chong Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Black or Parti (Petite) (Also on the Bernedoodle List) 2024

10. Lane Family - Male or Female - Chocolate, Phantom, Parti or Merle ~

11. Gagne Family - Male or Female - Cream/Apricot - 2024 or later

12. Malneedy Family - Male or Female - Cream, Chocolate, Phantom and Merle (Also on Bernedoodle List) 2024

13. Natalie and Steve R. Family - Female - Cream/Apricot - waiting until 2024

​14. ​Mitch and Laura Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Red, Parti or Merle (wait until 2023)

​15.​ Vernelli Family - Male - Apricot or Red 

16. Bren's Family - Male - Red/Chocolate ~ 2024

17. Dan and Gail Family - Female - Apricot, Chocolate, Phantom, Parti or Merle (wait until 2024) 

18. Levesque Family - Female - Apricot, Black or Chocolate - waiting until Spring 2024

​19. Theriault Family - Female - Cream/Apricot

20. Patrick Watson Family -  Female - Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle - Summer/Fall 2024

***We will have availability Fall/Winter 2023 due to many families on this list wanting to wait for either litters in the Spring or later.

​​Bernedoodle or Golden Mountain Doodle Waiting List​

As we transition to splitting our waiting list to add Bernedoodles, we will be contacting everyone on our master list to make sure which list they want to be on. As we talk to families we will update this list. We will however start accepting deposits for Bernedoodles anytime to be added after the master list families. 

1. Naz Family - Male - Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle (Also on Goldendoodle List) - Petite Only -2024 or later

​2. ​​​Finnigan Family - Female - Black, Chocolate, Phantom, Parti or Merle (Also on Goldendoodle List) Fall 2023 or later

3. ​Chong Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Black or Parti (Petite) (Also on the Goldendoodle List) After Jan 2023

4. Malneedy Family - Male or Female - Cream, Chocolate, Phantom and Merle (Also on Goldendoodle List) 2024 - Beatrix litter

5. ​Baker Family - Male or Female - Phantom - Beatrix preference (Spring/Summer 2024)

6. ​Saunders Family - Male - Phantom, Parti or Merle Spring 2024 or later

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies Available

Marlee and Indie have some puppies available from their litter.

Will be between 20 and 40lbs full grown. Ready to go home now. 

Nursery and Upcoming Litters