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Paisley and Astro Litter

Paisley is a sweet, happy dog. She loves to bounce around and play with other dogs. Astro is our sweet, fun, loving boy around here. We have Apricot, Cream, Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Black and Chocolate puppies. They will range from 30 to 50lbs full grown. 

BREED:Medium Multigen Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2000 to $2650
EXPECTED: early 2020
COLOR: Black, Chocolate, Black Phantom Parti, Chocolate Parti, Black Parti, Chocolate Phantom Parti, Apricot and Apricot Parti.  

Puppy Application

Please fill out this application to be added to our waiting list.

Once I send you a response to your application a $500 deposit via cash, cheque or e-transfer will be required to keep your spot on our waiting list. 

Maddie and Milo/Theo Litter
Maddie will be expecting her second litter late summer 2019. We expect them to range from 25 to 45lbs full grown. They can have Black, Blue Merle, Chocolate, Chocolate Merle and Apricot puppies. Maddie is a daughter of Missy and Remington and has wonderful English Golden Retriever bloodlines. 

BREED: F1 Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2000 to $2500
BORN: March 10th, 2019
COLOR: Blue Merle and Black 
BREED: Medium Multigen Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2000 to $2500
EXPECTED: Fall/Winter 2019/2020
COLOR: Black, Chocolate, Apricot, Blue Merle and Chocolate Merle.
Levie and Theo Litter 

Levie is a quiet, easy going dog that loves people and snuggles on the couch. Theo is a sweet, fun multigen Goldendoodle, that will thrown wavy coats with Levie. They will range from 30 to 50lbs full grown. 

BREED: Multigen Mini English Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2000 to $2500
EXPECTED: Late Summer 2019
COLOR: Black, Chocolate, Chocolate Merle, Blue Merle and Apricot.

Goldendoodle Waiting List​

This list has all families that are on our waiting list on it. If they are interested in either the Mini/Medium or Petite litters they will have a (Mini or Petite) next to their name. If they are interested in only Petite litters, they will have a (Petite) next to their name. If they are interested in only Mini/Mediums, they will have nothing next to their name. Our Medium puppies range from 35 to 55lbs, our Miniature puppies range from 20 to 45lbs and our Petite puppies range from 15 to 30lbs. 

1. ​​​​Skye Family - Female - Cream, Apricot, Phantom, Parti or Merle (Petite)

​2. ​​Fonda Family - Male or Female - Merle  (Missy litter) ~

3. Romano Family - Male or Female - Any Colour (Petite) - Spring 2020 or later

4. Campana Family - Male or Female - Cream/Apricot  - Fall 2019 or later 

5. MacDonald Family - Male or Female - Any Colour (Petite) - Fall 2019 or later 

6.Sandeman/Guay Family - Male or Female - Any Colour (Mini or Petite) - Fall 2019 or later

7. ​Arnott Family - Female - Merle or Parti* - Fall 2019

​8. ​Sullivan Family - Male - Red or Blue Merle F1 - Missy's litter

​9. Weisz Family - Male - Cream, Apricot, Red, Black or Chocolate 

10. Tremblay/Champagne Family - Female - Blue Merle or Black - F1 

​11. Marie's Family - Female - Any Colour - Maddie/Venus puppy

​12. ​Short Family - Male or Female - Any Colour 

13. Amsler Family - Male - Chocolate ~

14. Kastikainen Family - Female - Cream/Apricot

15. Burns Family - Male or Female - Chocolate or Parti 

16. Kastikainen Family - Female - Cream/Apricot 

​17. Papoushek Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Chocolate, Phantom or Parti 

​18. Caleb and Jess Family - Male or Female - Red or Chocolate Phantom 


Venus and Milo Litter
Venus will be expecting her litter second litter with Milo. They will have multigen Mini Goldendoodle puppies. We expect them to range from 20 to 40lbs full grown. We expect Black, Chocolate, Chocolate Merle, Apricot, and Blue Merle puppies. Venus is a daughter of Missy and Remington and has wonderful English Golden Retriever bloodlines. We are really looking forward to these Mini English Goldendoodles later in 2019.

BREED: Multigen Mini English Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2000 to $2500
EXPECTED: Fall 2019
COLOR: Black, Blue Merle, Chocolate, Chocolate Merle and Apricot.
BREED: F1bb Petite Goldendoodles
PRICE: $2400 to $3350
EXPECTED: Fall/Winter 2019/2020
COLOR: Blue Merle, Black Phantom, Black, Apricot and Parti. 
Missy and Cumin Litter

Missy is very laid back and acts like she is 10 years old. She is what we look for in a Golden Retriever temperament! Her paired with Cumin will throw beautiful stocky puppies. They have 9 beautiful Black and Blue Merle puppies that will range from 30 to 55lbs full grown. 

Sarafina and Bandit Litter
Sarafina is a happy, active girl that loves all other animals. Bandit has thrown us many beautiful puppies that are sweet and loving. These puppies will range from 15 to 25lbs full grown. They will be an array of colours including Blue Merle, Black Phantom, Blue Merle Parti, Black Phantom Parti, Black, Black Parti, Blue Merle Phantom Parti, Blue Merle Phantom, Apricot and Apricot Parti. 

Pictures Of Our Puppies Grown Up!

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