Welcome to Kent Family Farms

1 Week Old

4 Weeks Old

2 Weeks Old

1. Blue Merle Abstract Male - Sarin Family

2. Apricot Male - Stuart - Scott/Tombari Family

3. Black Abstract Male - Jones Family

4. Blue Merle Parti Female - Matyas Family 

5. Blue Merle Abstract Female - Wines Family 

6. Black Abstract Female - Seguin Family 

7. Apricot Female - Lily - Chapman Family 

8. Black Abstract Male - Meehan Family

​9. Blue Merle Abstract Male - Breeders Pick




5 Weeks Old


3 Weeks Old


Waiting List

Puppy picks will be at 4 weeks old or later, due to some having allergies on the waiting list. We will move down the list if there isn't the sex/colour/size combination that a family is looking for. This list will get pulled from the Master List on the Nursery Page when we have a confirmed pregnancy. 

1. Breeders Pick - Puppy #9 - Blue Merle Abstract - Deposit Received

2. ​​Scott/Tombari Family - Puppy #2 - Apricot Male - Deposit Received*

3. ​Sarin Family - Puppy #1 - Blue Merle Abstract - Pending Deposit

4. Chapman Family - Puppy #7 - Apricot Female - Deposit Received

5. Matyas Family - Puppy #4 - Blue Merle Parti Female - Deposit Received

6. Meehan Family - Puppy #8 - Black Abstract Male - Deposit Received

7. Seguin Family - Puppy #6 - Black Abstract Female - Deposit Received

8. Wines Family - Puppy #5 - Blue Merle Abstract - Deposit Received

9. Jones Family - Puppy #3 - Black Abstract Male - Deposit Received



Pepper and Bandit's Litter

Pepper and Bandit will be expecting their first litter together the third week of October. We expect their puppies to be between 15-30lbs full grown. They will have Black, Black Parti, Apricot, Apricot Parti, Blue Merle and Blue Merle Parti puppies. Both Pepper and Bandit are very sweet natured dogs. Bandit is great with kids and has a fun, playful side. Pepper is our water lover and that is happy to go with you anywhere near water. She loves canoe rides and time at the beach. Both are very cuddly and happy to snuggle up on the couch.