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5 Weeks Old 

1 Week Old 

3 Weeks Old 

2 Weeks Old 

4 Weeks Old 


F1b Mini Bernedoodle


Health Testing:

OFA Hips Prelim: Fair
eVet Hip Prelim: Good
OFA Elbow Prelim: Normal
OFA Cardiac: Normal
OFA Patellas: Normal
​​Clear by parentage for DM (Poodle type), GM2, NEWS, OCD, PRA-PRCD and vWD I
Possible DM (Bernese type) carrier
Colour Testing: BbEEKyKyAtAtSspmm
​Coat Testing: Two furnishing genes and one curl gene.

Embark Profile:

Waiting List

Because River and Zuri's litters are so similar and families are generally good with either of their litters that are on their list, we have decided to do puppy picks at the same time for both litters, as we feel this is the most fair way to do it. Puppy picks will start the week of April 20th. Take home date will be any time after May 18th, with most puppies probably leaving Saturday May 22nd. 

1. Breeders Pick - Puppy #4 Miles (now Murphy) 

2. ​Molly Family - Puppy #1 Ro 

3. ​Byers Family - Puppy #8 Data 

4. Trainor Family - Puppy #7 Tasha (now Buffer) 

5. Thompson Family - Puppy #5 Keiko (now Nimbus)

6. Trecroce Family - Puppy #3 Worf (now Beau)

7. ​Culp Family - Puppy #2 Vash (now Ella)*

8. Hawkins Family - Puppy #9 - Jean-Luc (now Oakley)

9. Noel Family - Puppy #10 - Geordi (now Leon) 

10. Acs Family - Puppy #6 - Guinan (now Kinnley)