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Mr. Bingly

Millie and Mr. Bingly's Litter

Millie and Mr. Bingly will be expecting their first litter March 10th, 2024. We expect their puppies to be between 30lbs and 50lbs full grown. We are expecting all Dark Apricot/Red, Black, Chocolate, Phantom, Sable and Merle with some abstract markings. Millie is probably the most laidback Poodle we have ever met. She just wants to cuddle and be with people! Mr. Bingly is Mr. Chill. He is laidback and loves everybody. He has thrown us so many amazing temperaments, with Millie and Mr. Bingly's temperaments, this litter is sure to have some therapy dog personalities, both confident and laidback.

1 Week Old

3 Weeks Old

4 Weeks Old

Waiting List

Puppy picks will be Saturday April 20th, please make sure you are available that day to either come in person or do a virtual pick. If you are unable to do a pick that day, we can arrange for an earlier pick where we can go over things and and get a list of your picks in order. Maevis and Millie's picks will be done at the same time in order as there are families on both of their lists. 
Going Home Day will be May 4th. 

1. Levesque Family - Puppy #6 Jane (now Ellie)

2. Duguay Family - Puppy #2 - Roger (now Charlie)

3. Mencucci Family - Puppy #4 Pierce (now River)

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

7. Open

8. Open

9. Open

*There will actually be extra spots open up between Millie and Maevis's litters, as there are several families that are on both lists, so will decide between the two, opening up spots*

Puppy Picks Times:

These times are set up for both Maevis and Millie's litters. If the time doesn't work for you, we can make arrangements for an earlier time, but you will need to give your picks in order based on where you are on the list, so if you are pick 5, you would give your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th picks. There are some families that have already indicated they will do an earlier pick and give a list of what they want, so we haven't included them on here. There is a small chance that testing will not be back on Maevis's litter, if that is the case we may have to delay actual picks to closer to 7 weeks old, but we will go forward with puppy visits whether in person or virtual on the 20th, as I am not available the following weekend. 


Puppy #1 - Timothy - Chocolate Phantom Sable Male - $2800+HST

Puppy #2 - Roger - Black Phantom Male - $2800+HST

Puppy #3 - Sean - Red Male - $2700+HST

Puppy #4 - Pierce - Apricot Male - $2700+HST

Puppy #5 - Ursula - Apricot Abstract Female - $2700+HST

Puppy #6 - Jane - Red Abstract Female - $2700+HST

Puppy #7 - Teri - Apricot Female - $2700+HST

Puppy #8 - Halle - Apricot Abstract Female - $2700+HST

Puppy #9 - Daniel - Apricot Abstract Male - $2700+HST