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 Guardian Homes

Occasionally we do offer some of our breeding dogs to guardian homes. A dog that is placed in a guardian home is a pick of the litter dog. We will pay for all the the dog's health testing and other costs related to breeding. We require that the dog has 4 litters with us if female and breeding until 8 years of age for males. Then we will cover the cost of spaying or neutering him or her for you. A female would come to our house 7 days before her due date and would remain at our house for 8 weeks after the puppies are born. A male would only need to be made available when a female was in heat. 

Benefits of guardian homes:

-You receive a pick of the litter puppy for less then what you would pay if you bought as a pet home. For a puppy it will be $1200 deposit, price may vary if it is an adult dog placed in a home.
-Instead of us disrupting this dogs family life once they are done breeding they get to remain in the family they have always known.
-We offer $200.00 for each litter to the guardian home of a female and $100.00 for each litter to the guardian home of a male. The amount is more for the female because she needs to eat more during her pregnancy. On top of that we will pay back the initial fee you paid evenly split over 4 litters for females and 6 litters for males.

- We pay for spay/neuter when the dog is done breeding or if we decide for whatever reason to not use the dog in our breeding program.

In order to qualify for a guardian home:

-We require you to live within 2 hours of our home for a female and 1 hour for a male
-You need to be willing to maintain regular veterinarian schedule
-You need to keep the dog out of contact with intact dogs of the opposite sex
-You need to have a safe yard for the dog to play in

-You need to maintain a healthy food regimen and have our dogs on NuVet vitamins (which I recommend for all families with dogs).
-You need to make the dog available during her heat cycle if female, or when we have a female coming into heat for a male.
-If something should happen to the dog due to your negligence before ownership is transferred, you will be required to cover the replacement cost of the dog in the amount of up to $4000 depending on the Guardian Dog. This would not even begin to cover the actual replacement cost of one of our breeding dogs. We just want to ensure that families are taking good care of our dogs.

Guardian Home Contract
Kent Family Farms
7000 Hwy 17E, Desbarats, ON P0R 1E0

The intent of this agreement is to provide ___________________________ (Guardian) with a Goldendoodle at a reduced price in order for the Breeder to have the dog included in Kent Family Farms' breeding program. This price will be $1200 for _________________.

Ownership of this dog, remains the property of the Breeder, Ashton Kent, until she has completed four litters. At that time the ownership will transfer to the Guardian and the dog will be spayed at the Breeder's expense.

Guardian has no ownership or interest in any puppies produced by this dog. Guardian will take possession of the dog with responsibility to:

1. Safely confine dog with use of physical fence or leash.
2. Not allow the dog to become overweight as decided by the breeder to protect against Hip Dysplasia and other health concerns.
3. Feed dog a food approved by the Breeder and keep the dog on NuVet vitamin supplement.
4. Provide vet care as needed, including vaccinations at Guardian's expense.
5. Allow Breeder to pick up the dog for breeding purposes, testing, etc. upon request or be willing to meet with dog when needed.
6. Contact the Breeder immediately in the event of serious illness or accident, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.
7. Maintain this contract even in the event that the Guardian moves out of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario including flying dog to Breeder when requested at Guardians expense.
8. Keep dog well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages.

At any time that the Breeder finds non-compliance of this agreement, contract terminates and possession shall immediately return to Breeder.

Should the dog die, get stolen or lost due to negligence on the part of the Guardian, the Guardian agrees to pay a replacement fee up to $4000.

If Guardian allows the dog to breed without written consent of the Breeder the Guardian will owe the Breeder up to $2000 for every puppy produced in the litter.

If the Guardian has the dog spayed without written consent of the Breeder the Guardian will owe the breeder $10,000.

If the Breeder has to take the Guardian to court to collect any of the payments listed above the Guardian will be responsible for any legal costs incurred.

Breeder Responsibility:

1. Provide Guardian with a healthy dog.
2. Approve Guardian's choice of dog food.
3. Pay for spay at the completion of the contract or sooner if the Breeder deems the dog not suitable or needed for breeding.
4. Pay for all veterinary costs pertaining to reproduction. The Guardian is responsible for all non-breeding related expenses, including but not limited to: vaccinations, deworming, parasites, food and emergency vet expenses.
5. Breeder will provide $500 per litter payable when the dog is returned to the Guardian’s home after the litter is sold (8 weeks old). $300 per litter to reimburse for initial payment and $200 to cover some expenses related to food, vitamins, revolution, etc.
6. Provide dog care support when requested for the life of the dog.

Seller (breeder): ____________________________________ date: ______________________
Guardian: ____________________________________ date: __________________________
Guardian: ____________________________________ date: __________________________

​*The only difference in the contract for a male is that you will get $200 back per litter until the deposit is paid back and $100 per litter to cover expenses for every litter produced.*