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Previous Puppies

Previous Puppies 

Waiting List

Puppy picks will be at 5 to 6 weeks old. We will move down the list if there isn't the sex/colour/size combination that a family is looking for. This list will get pulled from the Master List on the Nursery Page when we have a confirmed pregnancy. 

1. Shaeffer Family - Apricot Parti Female - Leia (now Luni)

2. Rumas Family - Black Male - Vader (now Dewey)

3. Burns Family - Black Parti Female - (now Scarlett)

4. Audree Family - Sable Female - Rey (now Trixie)

5. Sault ste marie family (husband doctor) Black Parti Male 

6. Sable Female - 



Sarafina and Benedict's Litter

Sarafina and Benedict are expecting their second litter July 2020. We expect their puppies to be between 15-30lbs full grown. They are expecting Black, Chocolate, Merles, Sables, Phantoms and Parti's . Sarafina and Benedict are both very cuddly, loving dogs that adore everyone.