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Waiting List

Puppy picks will be at 5 to 6 weeks old. We will move down the list if there isn't the sex/colour/size combination that a family is looking for. This list will be filled as we pull names from the master list on the nursery page once we talk to each family over the phone. We will not move names from the master list until the litter is born. 

​1. Breeders Pick







Previous Puppies 


Maddie and Theo/Milo's Litter

Maddie and Theo/Milo are due June 3rd, 2020. We expect their puppies to be between 20lbs and 40lbs full grown. They are expecting Black, Blue Merle, Chocolate, Chocolate Merle and Cream/Apricot puppies. Maddie is a very laid back, easy going dog. She is what we look for in an English Goldendoodle for temperament. Milo and Theo are also the sweetest, most cuddly dogs you will ever meet. We can't wait to see the personalities that they will produce. The reason we had this litter dual sired is we started breeding with Theo, but due to COVID 19 we weren't able to keep using him and had to switch to Milo in order to follow proper protocol. We will know when they are born who the father is.