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5 Weeks Old

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4 Weeks Old

Tessa and Ziggie's Litter 

Tessa and Ziggie had their litter August 16th, 2022. We expect their puppies to be between 20-35lbs full grown. They have Chocolate Phantom, Black Phantom and Blue Merle Phantom's. This litter has half wavy coats and half curly coats.


Welcome to Kent Family Farms

Waiting List

Nyx, Elsa and Tessa's litters puppy picks will be at the same time on October 1st. We will be scheduling everyone for a 1 hour time slot on October 1st to do an in person puppy pick. If you are unable to make that time slot in person, we will make arrangements for a video chat via zoom or whatsapp. If you are unable to do that time slot that day at all, we can make arrangements for an earlier discussion and video chat to go over everything and get your picks in order. We are doing this all one day because there is a bigger risk of parvo in our area right now and we are wanting to take precautions and do thorough cleaning anywhere families have been in our home and this logistically is not easy to do on multiple days.

1. Lewis Family - Puppy #1 Friedrich (now Guinness)
2. Carrie G. Family - Puppy #2 Liesl (now Chloe)

3. Marasco Family - Puppy #6 Gretl (now Indigo)

4. Janus Family - Puppy #5 Kurt

5. Open

6. Open

Puppy #1 - Friedrich - Chocolate Phantom Male - $3000 +HST

Puppy #2 - Liesl - Chocolate Phantom Female - $3000 +HST

Puppy #3 - Brigitta - Chocolate Phantom Female - $3000 +HST

Puppy #4 - Marta - Black Phantom Female - $2800 +HST

Puppy #5 - Kurt - Black Phantom Male - $2800 +HST​​

Puppy #6 - Gretl - Blue Merle Phantom Female - $3300 +HST