Welcome to Kent Family Farms

All prices are subject to change and will depend on the litter, size and markings. But this is a general idea of prices. All of our puppies at this time are considered petite, mini or medium size Goldendoodles. We do not guarantee size, as genetically this is impossible as they can throw back to a grandparent or parents size unexpectedly, but you can expect our Medium Goldendoodles to range from 35 to 55lbs, our Miniature Goldendoodles to range from 20 to 45lbs and our Petite Goldendoodles to range from 15 to 30lbs. Breeding Rights available for additional fee, just ask me for more information. All puppies are priced individually and these prices are subject to change at any time. This is just to give you an idea of our prices.

All of our puppies have HST charged on top of this price.

We require a $500 deposit to be on our waiting list. There is no HST on the deposit.

Then the remaining price on the puppy is to be paid at 6 weeks old when we do our puppy visit or via etransfer if you can't make the puppy visit. 

Pricing as of February 23rd, 2018: Prices are locked in from the day that you put your deposit down, so anyone locked in before the price change will stay at the old price. 

Mini/Medium Goldendoodles (25-55lbs)
$2000 Black, Apricot, Creme and White
$2200 Chocolate and Red/Dark Apricot
$2500 Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle

Petite/Toy Goldendoodles (10-25lbs)
$2400 Black, Apricot, Creme and White
$2600 Chocolate and Red/Dark Apricot
$2900 Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle

Mini/Medium Bernedoodles (20-60lbs)

$2500 Black, Apricot, Creme and White

$2700 Chocolate and Red/Dark Apricot
$3000 Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle

Parti, Phantom or Sable Markings add $300 to $500 extra

We cannot at all guarantee size/weight of a puppy and will have a variety of sizes in every litter, with some litters having a variety of petite and mini's in a single litter, so in order to be fair we will determine whether a litter is classifies as Petite or Mini based on the parents weight added together and dividing that by two. If the weight is over 25lbs they will be classified as a Mini litter and if 25lbs and under they will be classified as Petite. 


Parents are 60lbs and 15lbs = 60+15 = 75/2 = 37.5lbs = Mini litter

Parents are 40lbs and 20lbs = 40+20 = 60/2 = 30lbs = Mini litter

Parents are 25lbs and 20lbs = 25+20 = 45/2 = 22.5lbs = Petite litter

Parents are 35lbs and 15lbs = 35+15 = 50/2 = 25lbs = Petite litter

If you are needing your puppy to stay with us past 9 weeks of age, we are happy to accommodate that, but will be charging an extra $75 per day for the extra time and training needed at that stage for the puppy. We will need to transition the puppy from litter training to outside potty training, extra socialization, extended crate training, basic commands, etc. 

We have had a lot of requests for extended stay and training and on a very limited basis we will start offering this. This will be on a week to week basis and will be $500 per week extra on top of the cost of your puppy. We are happy to discuss everything that comes with the extra training and will be updated a page dedicated to this soon.