Welcome to Kent Family Farms

Hi Ashton,

Just an update on Molly. It has been a great week. We are very much enjoying her and we are discovering just how smart she is.

A couple days after her arrival I started sitting with her in the morning after outside time and breakfast, to start training. In only 10 to 15 minutes each morning, she has learned to come and sit. She is just starting to understand lay down.
Two nights ago after Brian and I finished our supper, I said to Brian, "Let's go and have a sit before doing dishes." we turned, and Molly who had been following us into the living room, promptly sat down.
Our living room has become puppy central. She decided from day one all her toys would reside there. We bring her kennel into the living room from the bedroom each morning and she has become quite comfortable with it.  ( day & night )

She loves to run in the yard and play.
She has met 17 people this week and is very social. She loves everyone.
She will be introduced to family and friend's dogs after her next shot.

Yesterday was first time she went to the door on her own and scratched to go out. In only one week! She is amazing. We have been really working on a regular routine and we totally expect many more accidents, but she is showing us she is starting to understand that going outside is good. So much easier to train a puppy in the summer. Maxwell came home to us in the winter.

Do we sound like proud parents? We took her for a ride to our camp on Lake Superior. She walked up to the water, drank a bit and a gentle wave rolled up to her chest. She wasn't at all frightened by it.

She is eating very well and is over 8 pounds now.

Thank you for the book. I have found it to be a great resource and very helpful.
The chew toy has also been wonderful for that sore little mouth. Didn't take long for us to remember sharp little puppy teeth.
After a long day of playing, eating, sleeping, eating, learning, sleeping, eating and running,
she simply becomes the most sweet and cuddly little puppy.

Didn't mean for this update to go on and on. Thanks for listening.
I guess you can tell we really like her...lots!

- Donna

I have had the most wonderful experience with Ashton picking out my goldendoodle puppy. I've looked into many breeders in Ontario, but it wasn't until I researched Kent Family Farms that I knew I found the right place. From the start, Ashton had no problem answering my numerous questions, and letting me do reference checks. (It didn't hurt that she also took genetics and could answer all the more technical questions and explain some concepts to me!). I probably talked to about 4-5 past clients, and they all raved about how professional and ethical Ashton was. I have never heard such positive reviews! 
Once the puppies were born Ashton helped us decide which puppy would be the best fit for our family. She emailed pictures, videos and we also talked on the phone through the whole process. (We could have visited them too but we were unable to). She really cares about her puppies and the homes that they will live in. I was so impressed by how much work she puts into them. It's really incredible. She has a passion for these little ones and it shows! She puts so much effort into them- socializing them with her kids, sounds, and multiple types of stimulation. On top of that, she also slowly gets them used to sleeping in crates, starts calling them by the name we picked out and starts them using a litter box. This helped so much with my puppy's transition to his new home! My puppy was potty trained after one day! It was amazing. 

We named our little guy Indigo, and he is a wonderful puppy! We love him so much already. When we picked him up we were able to see his parents and also his living environment. They were very well cared for! In our puppy package we were also given toys, a blanket that had been rubbed on his mom, and a high-quality 5lb bag of puppy food that they were started on. He already had his first vaccinations, dewormings, vet check and a microchip. (Ashton cares so much for her puppies that in case any of them made it to a shelter, she could be notified as well). All of that is included in the price and it was a very fair price to pay for a well bred puppy. 

Everyone is amazed at how smart Indigo is- partly because he was potty trained so quickly, and also him learning commands. So far, he knows how to sit, lie down, stay, and come. And he knew most of those by 8 weeks! (He's 10 weeks now). He truly is the perfect fit. Everything that Ashton said was true about our little pup! We wanted a medium sized doodle, that doesn't shed and he's on track to be about 40lbs. He doesn't shed, and has the softest coat! He's mostly calm, but still loves to play (especially in the snow!!) and he is so friendly! Loves all the kids in our neighbourhood already! He's exactly what we wanted, and we are so thrilled with the process. Ashton has been there for us since the beginning and continues to be available anytime I email her with questions. 

- Emily

I was looking for a dog that loves playing with kids and also one that was low to non-shedding. I read up on different types of dogs before deciding, and also looked for people that bred the dogs. I chose Kent Family Farms for many reasons. I found that Aston was very knowledgeable about her dogs and cared about them very much. She also socialized them from birth with her children which was important to me.

We got our puppy just before Christmas 2014. He was crate trained and well on his way to completely potty trained. He loves the kids, and loves playing ....and attention from anyone!

He has not shed at all...and will allow anyone to brush him (because he loves attention). smile emoticon

He is also a very smart dog, along with knowing basic commands (sit, stay, come, down, off, etc) he has also learned tricks from my children (shake a paw and this is a hold up).

I would/have recommended Kent Family Farms to anyone looking for a dog to add to their *pack*. He has been the perfect family dog!

- Paisley Family