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Miley and Indie's Litter

Miley and Indie's puppies are due April 4th, 2024. We expect their puppies to be between 15lbs and 30lbs full grown. They had Black Phantom, Chocolate Phantom, Blue Merle Phantom, Chocolate Merle Phantom and Apricot puppies. Miley is a major cuddler and so sweet! Indie is a fun boy that loves to go on walks and be with his family. 


Puppy #1 - Emma - Chocolate Phantom Abstract Female - $3400+HST

Puppy #2 - Andrew - Apricot Male - $2900+HST

Puppy #3 - Toby - Chocolate Merle Phantom Abstract Male - $3700+HST

Puppy #4 - Tom - Black Phantom Male - $3200+HST

Puppy #5 - Zendaya - Chocolate Merle Phantom Female - $3700+HST

Puppy #6 - Kirsten - Chocolate Phantom Abstract Female - $3400+HST​

Waiting List

1. Breeders Pick -

2. Naz Family - Male - Blue Merle or Chocolate Merle (Also on Bernedoodle List) - Miley/Indie Litter

3. Ardiel/Ridgewell Family - Female - Apricot Parti (Petite) - Miley/Indie Litter*

4. Chong Family - Male - Cream/Apricot, Black or Parti (Petite) (Also on the Bernedoodle List) Miley Litter

5. Patrick Watson Family -  Puppy #5, 1 or 6

6. Amanda Family - Amanda Family - Miley #2, Millie #3 or 7 or Miley #1, 6 or other Miley puppy 

7. Mencucci Family - Puppy #2, 3 or 4 or Millie #1, 9, 2, 3 or 4

​Puppy Picks are going to take place May 11th with Going home day June 8th. Puppies can leave June 2nd, if that works better for families schedules. We do recommend puppies going home when families will have two full days with not a lot going on though, so June 8th is a Saturday, which often works better for families. Puppy picks for Miley, Beatrix and Ivy are all going to take place together.